Neopixel LED temperature gauge with Raspberry Pi

Posted at: 9:02 am on March 6, 2015 by Ismail Uddin

In this tutorial we’ll be creating a circular temperature gauge using Adafruit’s Neopixel LEDs, a Raspberry Pi and components from Monk Makes Starter Kit! No Arduino required! And to make it even more better, we’ll be using to plot the data in real time, turning this little project into an Internet of Things (IoT) […]

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DNA flashing LED box with a Raspberry Pi

Posted at: 5:43 pm on February 21, 2015 by Ismail Uddin

Learn how to create a flashing LED box that reads a DNA sequence and flashes a different colour according to one of the four DNA nucleotides. You’ll need a Raspberry Pi (any model will do), an RGB led, three resistors and jumper wires (and breadboard) to wire it all up together!

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Brick Lane and Spitalfields

Posted at: 2:12 pm on February 8, 2015 by Ismail Uddin

Brick Lane – Food lovers’ paradise A couple of months ago, after having lived in London for more than 3 years, I finally ventured down Brick Lane during the day. I had, of course, been to Brick Lane before, but on all previous occasions, it was during the night when the scene is completely different. […]

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Codon repeats data visualization tool

Posted at: 9:40 pm on December 28, 2014 by Ismail Uddin

Data visualization is a very important part of data analysis today, and it isn’t just all bells and whistles, especially with the growing amount of data being made available to us. Data mining as the skill behind data scientist’s was voted by LinkedIn as the top skill getting individuals hired in 2014, as well as the profession […]

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Make an alarm clock with a Raspberry Pi

Posted at: 9:51 pm on December 26, 2014 by Ismail Uddin

Christmas has just past, and according to Twitter it seems quite a few people people got a Raspberry Pi from Santa! Hence I thought, why not write a simple tutorial on how to make an alarm clock with a Raspberry Pi? You will of course require a few other parts; namely a buzzer, a switch, some leads to […]

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Welcome to Science Exposure!

Posted at: 12:37 pm on by Ismail Uddin

Welcome to my blog, Science Exposure! I’ll be using this site to post articles on all things science and technology, ranging from biology all the way to coding. As the name also suggests, there’ll be an element of photography also on this blog, including tutorials as well as posts of some of my great photos! […]

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